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Carmen Fiaes

Hi Carole,


We would be happy to provide a testimonial!


Carole and Roland were incredibly professional and highly knowledgeable about the Siberian breed. It was a very east decision to work with them, as their passion and love for the cats was clear from the outset. 


We looked forward to receiving photo updates of our kittens each Monday, along with Carole's notes on their health and personalities. 


Carole and Roland go above and beyond to ensure that their kittens find a happy home, and both kittens adjusted immediately to their new surroundings. Carole and Roland make a point of being immediately available to answer any questions and this made the transition seamless. 


Franki and Teddy are sweet, affectionate and beautiful cats and we could not imagine our life without them. 


Thank you Carole and Roland!


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Charley Levitan


Our experience has been fantastic from beginning to end.
When I first reached out in a blind email to Valentanae I was most happy with Carole’s responses and was instantly at ease that they were the right breeder for us.
Carole consistently updated us every Monday with new photos of our kitten, which was a nice way to begin a Monday!
She also assisted with personalities of the kittens so we would find the right fit.
Finally we visited our kitten and saw first hand the care and love that Carole and Roland have for all their Siberians including the babies.
Final transition from kitten to home was a success and if we already did not have 2 Siberians now I would, without hesitation, purchase again from them.

Thanks so much for our beautiful new baby!
Butterscotch is a joyful, healthy little girl.  She is affectionate and has so many of The Siberian qualities that we love. Everyday it’s fun to see her more at ease with our family, big Siberian sister Rosé and canine sister Paisley.

Kind Regards 


Carole and Roland were an absolute delight to work with, going way above our expectations as breeders. Not only did they provide us with the most beautiful, loving and healthy kitten, they were also outstanding with their communication. Every week Carole sent me pictures, videos and updates on our kitten’s progress, vet visits and helpful information regarding introducing her to our other cats. By the time we came to pick up Gypsy, they had become more than “The Breeders” they had become our friends. I highly recommend them (and I have!). 
Our kitten, Gypsy, has wiggled her fluffy little way into our hearts and has become part of our family in a very short period of time. And thanks to the great care and loving environment of Carole and Roland’s house, little Gypsy is a well-adjusted kitten and has made friends with our other cats, even bonding closely with one of them! 
We couldn’t be happier with Carole and Roland and the wonderful Siberian kitten we adopted from them. 

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Hi Carole! 
Just letting you know that everything is going wonderfully with Gypsy. She has completely made all transitions and has been completely accepted by all of the cats. She’s eating, sleeping and playing with all of them! Currently, she is sitting beside me “helping” me with my crochet. Lol
Thought I’d send you this pic I took of her yesterday that really captures the Siberian face - especially their extraordinary eyes. Feel free to use it on your website. 😊
Annie 😸 

Thank you

Raja / Abha 


Experience working with Carole / Roland:


It was a great and stress free experience working with Carole to get our kitten. 


From the moment we started reaching out to them, everything went smoothly. Carole was always available and eager to answer our questions, and sending us pictures whenever we asked her to help select our kitten (Caesar)


Once we chose our kitten, Carole sent us pictures every week promptly so we could see how our Caesar has been growing. Carole was also eager to answer any questions we had with respect to taking care of Caesar / buying things for him such as food, etc...


The delivery of Caesar to us couldn’t have gone any more smoothly. We fixed a date and time, and Roland arrived promptly on time, provided us with all the documents, incl. the vet documents and of course our Caesar.


Our experience with our kitten (Caesar) so far:


Caesar is a cute, smart, big and outgoing boy. He has been trained well by Carole and Roland, with respect to his using the litter box and his socialization. We had no problems at all, and Caesar easily got accustomed with us and his new home. We can see how Carole and Roland would love their pets in the way they have taken care of and trained Caesar.


Overall, fantastic experience and highly recommend anybody looking for Siberian kitten to approach Carole and Roland at Valentaene Siberian.


We were looking into Siberian forest Cats, as our daughter was desperate for a cat but I have allergies.  I had heard this breed was good for those with allergies. I drove out to meet with Carole and her kittens.  I had been to other breeders to check out cats, but was undecided.  I knew right away walking into her home, that this was where I wanted our kitten from. Carole was so warm and you could feel that her home was one of love.  She was conscientious in making sure I spent enough time with the cats and held them to ensure there was no allergic reaction.  I did not have a reaction and said I would take a cat, but she told me to hold off on making a commitment and to give it some time to see if any reaction occurs later and consider how it works with our family (and dog). Her genuine care for people and pets shines through.  

Our cat is a dream and I really do feel that she has such a wonderful, hilarious and loving personality because she was raised with such love and affection by Carole and Roland.  


Thanks Carole! We adore Cheddar.  She's actually sitting beside me on the couch as I type this, purring 🙂


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Hi Carole! Of course! The testimonial is below: We have picked up our past cats from breeders before, and none have been as attentive and considerate as Carole was. Despite our plans to pick up Rue having been upended because of the unfortunate timing of the Covid-19 pandemic, Carole went out of her way to bring Rue to us safely. She went above and beyond what we could’ve ever expected and even sent us routine photos so we could see how Rue was growing up! She is a thoughtful and kind person. Rue is a very sweet cat and adjusted to his new home incredibly fast. He is affectionate, playful, and has a strong personality that we adore. Carole’s upbringing of her cats is full of care and it reflects in the lovely personalities they bring to their new homes. Their beauty is just a bonus with how wonderful their characters are! We are so pleased to have Rue in our family and are forever thankful for having chosen her for our cat. We highly recommend her as a breeder! I've attached a photo of Rue below. He seems to especially adore finding a spot on every keyboard he can find haha! -Bryony

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