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Getting your kitten from Valentaene is guaranteed to be an exceptional 
From the moment we first got in contact, we knew this was the family we wanted 
our kitten from. Not only was Carole friendly and approachable, but she was 
genuinely helpful, honest and straightforward. And this was only the beginning. 
As the time passed and the kittens were born, she regularly kept us updated with 
information, pictures and videos that made us feel like part of the family. This 
allowed us to share the joy and happiness of having a kitten even before it would 
come to us. Boy, did this create a bond! 
We can talk forever about Carole and Roland’s professionalism and 
knowledgeable approach, but this would be easily discovered by looking at the 
genealogy of their kittens: some of the best lines, carefully selected to bring out 
not only beautiful kittens but more importantly healthy, balanced ones, suitable 
for a long, healthy and happy life.
When Sasha came to us, our veterinary doctor was impressed with his overall 
health and behavior, as well as the health protocol that was put in place prior to 
his adoption. 
We love Sasha to pieces and we are grateful to Carole and Roland for the fact that
he is a handsome, healthy, well adjusted kitten who is a joy to have in the house, 
while also gladly going for walks on leash! 
We are looking forward to having a lifelong relationship with Valentaene.

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