Now taking reservations      for spring 2021

 visit charge of $75 which goes toward the balance of kitten

Veterinary checks and                       Vaccinations

         Your Kitten will receive 8 week vacines and 12 week vacines, dewormed 2x and have             a Vaccination card



          Your Kitten will be REGISTRATED with TICA

           (The International Cat Assoc.) you will receive a PUREBRED registration 

We SPAY or NEUTER your kitten before leaving our home.

  Quality kittens from Excellent Bloodlines


        Our ongoing help & advise regarding your                 kittens care & welfare

Health guarantee from PKD , PD Deficiency & HCM.

Full Socialization covering all growth stages.

We scan our breeding cats for HCM and PKD 

Goody Bag

        Our Kittens will go home with a goody bag                  containing  food, soft blanket and a few              toys and information on kitten safety and needs.

Purchase Price 

    Kitten price for pet quality is $1800

A receipt is provided with purchase agreement that will be signed with you.

    Looking Foward to helping you 

find that puuurrrfect little kitten that 

 will bring LOVE and LAUGHTER to 

                  your hearts!

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